Easy Recipes by Molly McButter

Sprinkle on enjoyment! Add flavor to foods without adding fat. Molly McButter recipes help you indulge in all the tasty foods you love in a healthful way. The easy recipes found here include flavorful vegetable recipes, rice recipes, easy baking recipes and crave-worthy dessert recipes. We know your whole family will love these signature meals bursting with the flavor of Molly McButter. Try them in your own kitchen today!

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  • String Bean Rolleo

    A great vegetable meal or side for entertaining.

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  • Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes

    Sweet potatoes prepared with brown sugar, banana and pecans.

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  • Twiced Baked Potatoes

    A twist on the traditional baked potato.

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  • Vegetable Rice Medley

    A great side with lots of vegetables.

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  • Veggie Croquettes

    A dish with an assortment of vegetables and full of flavor.

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  • Zesty Italian Capellini

    A pasta recipe prepared with tomatoes and basil.

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