Unique Popcorn Seasoning Ideas

Whether you are enjoying a mid-afternoon treat or you are planning a movie night with your family, popcorn is the perfect snack choice. Instead of settling for the same old boring popcorn, add some flair with these easy and simple recipes that provide a burst of flavor to this classic snack choice. Butter is a… Read more »

Molly McButter on the Road: The Perfect Travel Ingredient

Everything tastes better with a little butter. You never have to be without butter, even when traveling. Molly McButter is a great solution. Molly McButter is a type of dry butter that is used to replace butter and margarine in a variety of different recipes. Not only does Molly McButter taste like butter, but it… Read more »

5 Amazing Baked Potato Recipes

Baked potatoes make the perfect side dish for a variety of different meals. Potatoes are ideal for pairing with steak, chicken, and other types of meat. However, you may become bored with the same old potato recipe of boring butter and sour cream. To spice up your next meal, use these ideas to create unbelievable… Read more »

Big Flavor Without the Fat!

Molly McButter is big flavor without the fat. It’s a hit with home cooks, food lovers and health industry professionals all over! Here you will find all the great things being said about Molly McButter by the press in a variety of prestigious and trusted media we are proud to share.