Unique Popcorn Seasoning Ideas

Whether you are enjoying a mid-afternoon treat or you are planning a movie night with your family, popcorn is the perfect snack choice. Instead of settling for the same old boring popcorn, add some flair with these easy and simple recipes that provide a burst of flavor to this classic snack choice.

Butter is a staple for popcorn, but it can become flavorless after eating it for a long time. Why not add a hint of flavor to this buttery taste by sprinkling in a hint of garlic. With a few simple ingredients you can easily create garlic butter in just minutes. Simply melt the butter on your stovetop or in the microwave, and then add a few sprinkles of garlic salt. You’ll still be able to enjoy the buttery taste that popcorn is known for plus an additional kick of flavor. You can still have that delicious butter taste even when you’re not at home. If you’ve opted for an outdoor movie, or need a simple travel snack for the kids, pop Molly McButter Cheese and Butter sprinkles into your purse and let the family choose which one they want to use. Molly McButter is a great way to sprinkle on wonderful flavor.

Love ranch dressing on your salads, pizza, and chicken fingers? Why not try it on your popcorn? Simply melt the butter and add a package of powdered ranch mix that is used for dressings and dips. Toss your popcorn in the mixture and indulge in the smooth, fresh flavor that ranch is known for.

A simple way to make your popcorn even more flavorful is to use your favorite spices. You can also experiment with mixtures of different spices. Some good flavorings for popcorn include garlic salt, roasted red pepper flakes, Cajun seasoning, jerk spices, kosher salt, and black pepper. You can use one ingredient or combine several to create your own unique popcorn that everyone will adore.

You can also add some cheesy flavor to your popcorn with powdered cheeses. You can choose from many different types of powdered cheeses, including parmesan and cheddar. Mix it up by adding different cheeses and seasonings to your popcorn. If you also plan on using butter, mix your cheese in with the butter before pouring it on your tasty snack.

If you want a sweeter taste for your popcorn, use cinnamon and sugar. You can combine this with melted butter, and then toss the popcorn to coat thoroughly to create a sweet treat that is a great alternative to cookies, candy, and other sweets. Brown sugar is another sweet seasoning that you can add to make your popcorn taste awesome.

You’ll never get bored with popcorn by using these easy seasoning ideas. Experiment with different flavors to create your own personalized recipe that gives your popcorn gourmet flavor quickly, easily, and without spending a fortune.